Workshops 2016 : Connemara : Clare : Donegal : Kerry : West Cork

In 2016 , we ran 5 simultaneous workshops in the west of Ireland under the theme Atlantic Reach.  38 photographers dedicated to learning new skills and creating, for the first time, a unique snapshot in time of the Irish landscape.  Led by Ireland’s foremost professionals, Peter and Ed Gordon, George Karbus, Daragh Muldowney, Norman McCloskey and Rohan Reilly. The work created on these 5 workshops will now be brought together for a unique exhibition and book as part of the 2017 programme. 

IrishLight 2017 will launch September 21st with the IrishLight Collection 2016 book launch and exhibition. We plan on creating a new body of work every year through the workshops.

Aidan White | Alex Mott | Arun Farcas | Barbara Tanzler | Colin Ball | Damian Doyle | Elanor Burke | Jim Kennedy | John Crowley | John Maher | Keith Mitchell | Mark Furniss | Mark O’Brien | Mary E. Brett Michael McCarthy | Nicole Le Saout | Noel McIntyre | Noleen Hargan | Padraig Molloy | Pádraig Ó Flannabhra | Paul Byrne | Rebecca Keogh | Robert Wade | Stephanie Johnson | Stephen Conway Stephen Farrell | Steven Fleming | Stuart Perry | Stuart Teehan | Tony Creedon | Tony Meagher | Yvonne Morgan

Connemara with Daragh Muldowney

29th Sep – 1st Oct 2016

Barbara Tanzler

Eleanore Burke

Mary E Brett

Noleen Hargan

Stephen Farrell

Yvonne Morgan

Donegal with Peter & Ed Gordon

29th Sep – 1st Oct 2016

Colin Ball

Damian Doyle

Jim Kennedy

John Crowley

Keith Mitchell

Mark O’Brien

Noel McIntyre

Rebecca Keogh

Clare with George Karbus

29th Sep – 1st Oct 2016

Aidan White

Arun Farcas

Mark Furniss

Padraig Molloy

Pádraig Ó Flannabhra

Stephen Conway

Kerry with Norman McCloskey

29th Sep – 1st Oct

Alex Mott

John Maher

Michael McCarthy

Stephanie Johnson

Steven Fleming

Tony Meagher

West Cork with Rohan Reilly

Nicole Le Saout

Paul Byrne

Robert Wade

Stuart Perry

Stuart Teehan

Tony Creedon

IrishLight Festival

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