Changes/Dates IrishLight Competition 2019

The IrishLight Photographer of the Year has become an integral part of the photography calendar in Ireland since 2016. We have been delighted and honoured to be able to bring the best talent, the best images and the best prizes to the Irish public and the photography community both here and abroad.

It’s exciting times again for the IrishLight comp, and we are super excited to announce that entry for the competition will be open on Monday July 8th. The final date for entry will be September 10th 2019 with the winners being announced on September 25th.

Conor Mceneaney- 1st Place 2018 – Knockbridge, Co Louth

We have some top prizes again to give out. Even bigger and better than last year, with an estimated value of over €10,000. Massive thanks to our sponsors.

We are delighted to say our sponsors for this year’s program include Nikon, Zeiss, Conns Cameras and Explorelight.

The format of the competition and the breakdown of prizes is also new so please read on to find out what’s changed. There will be a prize and award for the best portfolio of 3 images, and also prizes and awards (top 3) for the best single images. This year we will have:

The ‘IrishLight Photographer of the Year’ 2019′ (Awarded for best 3 images in a portfolio)


The ‘IrishLight Best Single Image Award’ (first, second and third)


The ‘IrishLight International Image of the Year’

All awards will come with top, top prizes beyond what has been seen for an IrishLight competition. The idea here is for our winner of the ‘IrishLight Photographer of the Year’ 2019′ to be able to produce great work in more than 1 image. You must enter 3 images or more to be eligible to win the outright title ‘IrishLight Photographer of the Year 2019′. It makes the prize a bit tougher to win but we hope also creates even more prestige for the winner of this award.

But never fear we also have an amazing top prize, as well as second and third prizes, for the best single image – The ‘IrishLight Best Single Image Award’.  This aspect of the competition will be decided as before with the best image rising to the top to claim the prizes in first, second and third. One image will do just fine.  

When you enter the competition you are automatically eligible for the Best Single Image Awards. The main difference is that you need a portfolio of 3 images to be named ‘IrishLight Photographer of the Year 2019′. If you enter more than 3 images your top 3 scoring images will be used as your portfolio. The photographer with the highest combined score takes the top prize.

Mary Kinsella – 1st Prize 2017 – Co Wexford

We have also felt with the range of international speakers at this year’s competition, that it makes sense to include an award for international images captured outside Ireland. With this in mind, we will also be awarding a top prize for the ‘IrishLight International Image of the Year’.  This will be a separate category and will require a separate entry. All landscape photography images captured outside Ireland will be valid.

So there we go, some major changes to the competition this year. We are trying to keep growing with you guys. As you become better photographers we want to keep trying to up our game too.  We hope we have done that with this year’s IrishLight program and look forward to seeing lots of you at the Big Day, at our Workshops and through the competition.

Best Wishes,

Team IrishLight  

IrishLight Festival

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