Another look at Lee Filters and some background info on images made by the IrishLight team using Lee’s system. Back down west for what we can only describe as a take my breath away moment..Wow..

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Over to you Norman..


‘Undoubtedly my most successful image and one I am very proud of.  The original idea I had conceived for this was something a little different and in hindsight rather more ambitious which was to capture the moon setting between the two islands.  Something I would still be probably waiting for today !   The heavy weather and strong winds this morning made me abandon that location ( again ! ) and retreat down to a small beach nearby to see if I could salvage anything from the trip.   As I approached I saw the moon tantalisingly peak in and out of a small break in the clouds and rushed to set up my gear.

It was frantic work , placing a tripod on sand with wind but just in time I switched the wide angle for my telephoto and quickly had to apply an adaptor ring to fit my LEE Filter .9ND grad to make sure I captured as much detail as I could on the moon without having to resort to heavy processing.  I stopped the aperture right down to f16 to make sure everything was as sharp as it could be, focused on the moon itself and exposed at 1.0 sec at ISO 100 which resulted in a lovely bit of movement in the small breaking wave on the foreshore in front of me.’

IrishLight Festival

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