A throwback to those good old Velvia days here. 6×7 on the Pentax 67. Beautiful format and how that velvia film liked those soft evening colours. If your a film shooter the need for filters becomes even greater. The ability to blend exposures and generally to use Photoshop or Lightroom in post production becomes much more difficult. No option but get it done in camera.

The light was soft and gentle on coumeenoole beach but the dynamic range was an issue as was the water movement. Peter wanted a minimal look and as such the slower exposure made sense. Out with the Lee 3 stop ND. Enough to slow things down shutter wise but not too strong to loose all texture. Even today the 3 stop is one of Peters favourite filters. With advances in digital technology and glass quality you have a further 2 stops in Lo 1 ISO plus one stop aperture change. The 3 stop quickly becomes a 5 stop.

Then for the sky. Not a massive jump in dynamic range so Peter used the .9 soft to keep the key areas in check. Hope you enjoy and find the text useful.

You can hear Peter Gordon and Jon Cuff from Lee Filters speak at the ‘Big Day’ October 2nd..Click here..


IrishLight Festival

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