Judging Insights – IrishLight Competition

Thanks so much folks for the amazing work that has been submitted so far. It’s a joy to see it coming through.

We thought we would give you a bit more insight into how the competition works, and how the judging decisions will be made.



The process has two tiers.

Firstly, Peter Gordon will be responsible for creating an internal shortlist. The idea here is that the judges in the second tier will not be asked to look through thousands of pictures. Any images that Peter feels is close to the right standard will go through into the second round. This is happening already on an ongoing basis to allow Peter to hand a narrowed down selection of images to the final judges. The idea is to be liberal here, to let lots of work through, but to also make the final judges work easier and more streamlined. It’s a pre judging of sorts.

Please note any posting thus far of images on Facebook is not a reflection of this pre judging, but simply a nice cross reference of images thus far submitted. So don’t worry if an image is not in a Facebook post. This does not mean it has not made it through. We just like a bit of suspense and to keep you guys guessing. More fun this way J

Secondly, Peter will then pass on his shortlist to the external judges. Thorarinn Jonsson, Daragh Muldowney, George Karbus, Michael McLaughlin, Peter Cox and Norman McCloskey.

We will ask the judges to score the images out of 100 on the basis of 3 criteria’s.

  • Visual Impact
  • Originality
  • Technical Skill

We will then award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus 10 honourable mentions.

Have a look at some of the images below. There’s so much great landscape photography out there now, the key to setting your work apart is in the impact and originality areas. We love Glendalough or Derryclare Lough but if you want to submit images of iconic locations make sure the light and execution knock the socks off the judges. We also would love to see original composition of common scenes, plus of course new vistas that we haven’t seen before.

We can’t wait to see all your great work and we are super excited to hand out some top prizes this year ..

Good luck everyone .. The IrishLight Team

Mary Kinsella – Piltown Suir Valley Winter – 1st Place 2017
Pawel Zygmunt – Malin Head – 2nd Place 2017
Johnny Baird – Dark Hedges – 3rd Place 2017

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