Loxley Colour IrisLight Collection Competition

So folks we have been a little quiet of late after a really successful but busy festival. We are ready to kick back into gear now and we are busy planning for next years event. But before all that happens we have some really exciting follow on from the workshops plus some great prizes from Loxley Colour, our fine art print partner. If you had followed the IrishLight 2016 build up and event you might have known that our dedicated workshops had a unique purpose.

We wanted to capture the west coast of Ireland, not just as a landscape, but also as a moment in time. 40 shooters from Donegal to West Cork simultaneously capturing amazing locations under the guidance of Peter and Ed Gordon, Daragh Muldowney, George Karbus, Norman McCloskey and Rohan Reilly. We drew the foremost Irish landscape photographers together to lead and guide our groups. The end goal, the ‘IrishLight Collection 2016’. The collection will be published as an exhibition and book in 2017 with all proceeds going to charity.


Image by Stephanie Jonson – Kerry Workshop with Norman McCloskey

To celebrate the amazing achievements of our participants, and their general dedication to their landscape photography and the IrishLight concept, the great people of Loxley Colour have kindly offered a selection of prizes for our workshop participants. Loxley also did an amazing job in printing the Irish Masters exhibition.

Keep an eye on our facebook as we start to post some of the entries. Winners announced soon..

We have 3 superb prizes from Loxley with a value of €1000 for the winners. The winning image will also be display at the Photography Show NEC Birmingham 2017.
–  1st prize 60 x 40 inch acrylic
–  2nd prize 30 x 20 inch acrylic
–  3rd prize 20 x 16 inch acrylic
Loxley Colour is a fine art print provider and stock an amazing array of quality paper types for fine art print and framed prints. Check out the link below to see what Loxley are all about..

IrishLight Festival

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