IrishLight Open Call 17 : Prizes Announced

Drum Roll Please. IrishLight Open Call competition is now open & we are now ready to reveal 3 awesome prizes for our IrishLight Open Call 17 competition.

1st Prize – Nikon d750 with AF-S 24-85 lens (value: 2700 Euro) @ Nikon

2nd Prize – ExploreLight Scotland Winter Workshop (value 1250 Euro) @ ExploreLight

3rd Prize – Lee Filters – Big Stopper (value 150 Euro) @ Lee Filters

We promised they will be great. And we hope we delivered.

IrishLight Open Call is an open call to all amateur photographers. The Theme is simply Irish landscapes (includes seascapes) so there is plenty to get inspired from Folks. Images entered must NOT be more than 2 years old dated from time of entry.

Please make sure to read the RULES over on our competition page before entering.

We are very much looking forward to receiving your entries. We were blown away by the talent last year. And we can only expect even better this year.

Competition Opens : Thursday 29th June @ 10am
Competition Closes : Friday 8th September @ 10am
Shortlist Announced : Monday 25th September @ 10am
Winners Announced: 15th October 2017 @ Big Day event in The Royal Marine Hotel

Thanks to our sponsors : Nikon : ExploreLight : Lee Filters

IrishLight Open Call 16 : Shortlist : Andrew Yeates

IrishLight Open Call 16 : Shortlist : Janet Wippell

IrishLight Open Call 16 : Shortlist : Pawel Zygmunt

IrishLight Open Call 16 : Shortlist : Paul Byrne

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