Tiered Ticket/Camera Club Discounts

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Tickets are selling fast for the Big Day and we are getting questions around tickets prices. The bottom line is the earlier you buy, the better price you get. And buying for a camera club, or a private group and you can get further discounts. So read on for further info.

Tiered Tickets

There is no difference in what your ticket gets you at each tier. The core difference is the price. We have limited numbers of Tier 1, and once these are sold, the price will move up to Tier 2. Once Tier 2 is gone we will move to Tier 3. Its a way for us to give better value to people for booking early. So dont delay and get your tickets early.

TIER 1 –  €65 TIER 2 – €75 TIER 3 – €85

Camera Club/Group Discounts

We also have special discounts for group bookings, or camera club bookings. If you are booking 5 tickets there is a discount, and then there is a further discount for 10 tickets or more. Again these prices are tiered to the tier system. So as we move through the tiers the group rates will also go up. Have a look at the discounts below and please email us directly if you want to organise a group rate.

TIER 1 –  €65

 5 Tickets €60 Each 

10+ Tickets €55 Each 

Once Tier 1 are sold out we will move to Tier 2 – €75

TIER 2 – €75

 5 Tickets €70 Each 

10+ Tickets €65 Each 

Once Tier 2 are sold out we will move to Tier 3 – €75

TIER 3 – €85

 5 Tickets €80 Each 

10+ Tickets €75 Each 

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