Focus on Lee Filters – Peter Gordon #1 Gap of Dunloe – Co Kerry

Welcome to the first instalment of images made by the IrishLight instructors using Lee Filters. Its a chance to get to know a bit about how and where we took the featured shot, and what filters we used. Expect a new image every week. The first instalment is an image made in the Gap of Dunloe by IrishLight founder Peter Gordon…


Sometimes we just happen upon a good scene, sometimes we plan and plan but the elements just don’t cooperate. On other occasions we previsualise a shot outcome, the photography gods smile from above and we get a result. I had been driving in the Gap the day before I shot this image with my Dad and noticed how low the water levels we’re. The meandering line that introduces the shot is actually a lake bed and is only visible after a good dry spell. I loved the strength of the line and imagined the shot back lit to accentuate the shape of the line with darkened corners and an atmospheric sky. Que alarm bells at 5 am, some uncomfortable hanging at the edge of a drop and hey presto. 

To keep the sky in check and achiebe the look I wanted the use of my filters were key. I used a .6 hard for the sky and a 3 stop ND to allow for a slow enough exposure to get some movement into the cloud. The image would not have been possible without these tools.

If you fancy trying this shot yourself get yourself up to the Gap of Dunloe. I suggest sunrise, some Lee filters and some very dry conditions. Enjoy..Peter

If your interested in purchasing Lee Filters check out Conns Cameras Dublin at this link..


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