IRISHLIGHT is a landscape photography festival with a range of events that we hope will help to inspire and educate the landscape community in Ireland and abroad.

The festival is run by Peter Gordon and Jelena Derk as a forum to pull the best professional Irish based landscape photographers together, bring international photographers to Ireland while also mobilising the amazing enthusiast talent that exists both here and abroad.

Over time the IrishLight programme has evolved and morphed and the range of events have changed. This year, for example, we won’t be holding the traditional workshops and book creation. The wheels are in motion already to create a book for last years participants, but the 2019 workshops will see our international speakers taking the helm. A unique set of workshops but with a new twist.

Our Big Day event will step up a gear with speakers flying in from the US, UK and Holland. We also plan to hold some debate style events around divisive issues within the landscape photography community.

We will be changing the format of the competition a bit too, with the grand prize going to a collection of images rather than a single capture. All and all we have decided to give the event a bit of a stir.

THE BIG DAY is our headline seminar event with great speakers and a trade presence. It’s a must-see day out for any photographers that want to hear inspiring talks from top International and Irish talent. Our speakers are visiting Ireland to speak for the first time so it really is a unique chance for some next level inspiration. We have some fantastic landscape photographers Ireland and this event is a chance to see the best of the best internationally.

In 2019 we have used our SPECIAL EDITION WORKSHOPS programme to bring superstars of the international landscape photography world to Ireland. We have teamed them up with some of our top local photographers, and created a unique opportunity to come and learn from the very best in the world here in Ireland.

The IrishLight Open call COMPETITION is looking to find the very best amateur photography of the Irish landscape. The best images win some amazing prices. Big Announcement Coming Soon – Watch This Space!