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Fund It is very much a give and take process and there are some amazing rewards if you love art, photography and the Irish landscape. Our core goal is the production of a book and exhibition in aid of the Samaritans. With this in mind many of our rewards are prints from the IrishLight Collection, from the Irish Masters as well as copies of the book itself.

The book will be 128 pages, hardback and printed to the highest specifications. A great addition to any coffee table and a really wonderful gift. Two images will be featured from each participant so 64 images in total showing this unique timeline of the Irish landscape. You can purchase 1 book, 5 books or 10 through the Fund It campaign. There are also discounts for the 5 or 10 reward.

The print reward is also an amazing chance to own some original art. Have a look at the IrishLight Collection gallery where you can select work from one of our 32 amazing participants. Or check out the Irish Masters gallery that has been generously donated to by Daragh Muldowney, Peter Gordon and Norman McCloskey. All rewards will be printed to museum standards here in Dublin by our print partner Inspirational Arts.

Click here to check out the campaign and see what reward you would like to select ..

Click here for links to the full galleries of images available as print rewards.. 

Check out some of the great print rewards below that you could claim as fine art prints ..

From the IrishLight Collection ..

Aidan White – Clare Workshop – 30/09/16 7:50 AM
Noel McIntyre – Donegal Workshop – 30/09/16 6:49 PM
Paul Byrne – West Cork – 01/10/16 8:05 PM

From the Masters and ExploreLight Collection .. 

Fog Blankets Derrycunihy by Norman McCloskey
Upper Lake Tree Killarney by Norman McCloskey
Pocket watch by Peter Gordon
Lines Dublin Bay by Peter Gordon
A Calm Illusion by Daragh Muldowney
North of Disko by Daragh Muldowney








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