Watch the Light Unfold on Facebook..

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be rolling out images from the IrishLight collection over the duration of the Fund It campaign. And to really get you in the groove of the concept we will be releasing the images as the light unfolds in a timeline. Keep an eye on the date and time and get a sense of the concept.

32 photographers, 5 workshops, 1 time line and a snapshot of the Irish landscape over 2 days đŸ™‚—irishlight-collection


Tony Meagher – Kerry Workshop – 29/09/16 – 6:29 PM
Aidan White – Clare Workshop – 30/09/16 7:50 AM
Keith Mitchell -Donegal Workshop – 12:23PM 30/09/16
John Crowley – Donegal – 1/10/16 9:02 AM

IrishLight Festival

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